Do You Have A Positive Attitude?

Here are a few helpful tips to develop a more positive attitude and better manage the stressors in your life:

Listen to internal dialogue. Divide one or more sheets of paper into two columns and, for a few days, jot down in the left column all the negative thoughts that come into your head. Rewrite each thought in a positive way in the second column. Practice doing this in your mind until it becomes a habit. (For example, “I’ll never get this finished by the end of the day!” could become, “I will probably get most of this finished by the end of the day.”)

Learn to communicate. Not saying the things we feel can lead to a sense of frustration, hurt, anger or anxiety . If you find communicating difficult, or are afraid of arguments or bruised feelings, take a course in communicating effectively.

Get back to basics. Reconnect with old friends, take the dog for a walk, visit an art gallery or listen to your favorite music. Enjoy a long, relaxing bath, read a great book, tell your child a story, or ask an older relative to tell you one! It is the simplest things in life that give us the most pleasure…

Help someone out. The simple act of helping others helps us to feel good. Pick up groceries for an aging neighbor, volunteer at your local hospital or read a book to someone with failing eyesight. If you are unsure of how to help out in your community, call your nearest volunteer center.

Find your spirituality. Research has shown that those who have developed their spirituality through associating with other spiritual individuals or having their own personal and unique beliefs, live longer, more satisfying lives. The secret is practicing those beliefs, either through organized spiritual associations, or simple meditation in a quiet place.

Allow yourself to be loved. The ability to love and be loved is the most basic human trait. We, as a society, have become disconnected from this most basic need – fear-centered emotions (depression, loneliness, guilt and anger) are the symptoms. Finding ways to reconnect with others is extremely helpful in developing a positive attitude.

Allow yourself to laugh and find humor in the simplest of things. Laughter is a powerful mood elevator. If you are feeling down, read some jokes, watch a funny movie or just act “silly” once in awhile. At times, it is a good thing to let yourself see the world through a child’s eyes.

Participate in new physical and mental activities to improve confidence levels and coping mechanisms. It could be as easy as learning the meanings of new words or learning about new topics to build confidence.

Follow the principles of holistic health (better nutrition and exercise help improve mood and attitude)

Remember that the mainstream media focuses on information that leads to fear, negative thoughts and emotion. Find other more positive things to do with your precious moments such as reading a great positive book, a walk in nature or volunteering with people and animals.

It is all about letting go of the “emotional baggage” that holds us back from true enlightenment! All that you require is already within you, so do not give your power away by blindly following others. Rather, trust in the goodness that already resides within your heart.

Carl Jung


3 comments on “Do You Have A Positive Attitude?

  1. Hi Ashley, love that clown on your blog. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post. 🙂

  2. Hi Leigh, I appreciate you liking my posts…keep visiting.. thank you!

  3. Hi ASJ, your Rehab post…Helen, a flower with no sunlight…The spirit man, Danny the Scot… Simon, dried blood on his face, black shoe polish in his hair, struggled to remember his name…I could see each individual by the way you described them. Your writing is compelling and interesting. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post.

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