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The Terrible, Wonderful Fire

There is a Norwegian folktale about a fisherman who, with his two sons, went out on their daily fishing run.  Their catch was good, but by midafternoon a sudden and severe storm blotted out the shoreline, leaving the men groping for the slightest sight of home.  Meanwhile, a ferocious fire broke out in the kitchen of their home.  Before it could be extinguished, it had destroyed everything.
Finally, the sons and their father were able to row to shore.  The man’s wife was awaiting him with the tragic news of the fire.  “Karl,” she sobbed, “a terrible fire has destroyed everything.  We have nothing left.”  Yet he was unfazed.  “Didn’t you hear me?”  she pleaded.  “The house is gone.”  “Yes, I heard you,”  he said calmly.  “How can you be so calm?” she pleaded.  “You don’t understand.  A few hours ago we were completely lost at sea.  I was sure we would perish.”  He continued, “Then something happened.  I saw a strange golden glow.  It grew larger and larger.  We decided to steer toward that light.”  Then grabbing her shoulders and looking into her eyes, he said, “Don’t you see?  The terrible fire that destroyed out house was the wonderful fire that saved our lives.  God had it under control.  God is a big God.”
Author Unknown

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