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Are You Making Positive Choices?

There was a time when I felt trapped in a difficult situation.  It seemed like I didn’t have a lot of choices, and no matter how hard I tried to stay positive, the negative thoughts kept weighing me down. During that time, I learned a few things that helped me through it and I would like to share with you.

One of the things I’ve learned when I’m in a difficult situation is to take a moment to breathe and remain calm.  I then decided that I must take responsibility to make the necessary changes and not blame others for things not working out.  Secondly, I had to realize that I am responsible for my own life and decisions. Third, I had to change the negative attitude, turn off the “stinking thinking” and replace it with a positive mindset and attitude. By having a positive mental attitude I was able to seek solutions and answers instead of playing the victim.

Ultimately, I am responsible for the outcome of my choices, whether good or bad.  By accepting and learning from the situation, I was able to see such a glorious benefit. In the end I made the choice to walk away and change my life for the better.

Consider this exercise when you are faced with a difficult situation and want to make a “positive choice”.Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle, on the left hand side of the line list all of your positive choices and on the right side list all your negative choices. This will give you a clear view on how you can handle the difficulty with positive choices versus the negative.

Below, I’ve made a list of positive choices we can all make every day:

  • Choose to have faith
  • Choose to smile, laugh and be happy
  • Choose to not let anyone get you down
  • Choose to understand other people, even if they are difficult
  • Choose to be strong and confident
  • Choose to trust yourself
  • Choose to not be scared
  • Choose to be who you are, not who someone says you should be
  • Choose to dream
  • Choose to believe in the good we’re all capable of
  • Choose to ask the questions that challenge rigid assumptions
  • Choose to walk away
  • Choose to take a risk
  • Choose to reconnect with those you thought you’d lost
  • Choose to open your heart and forgive
  • Choose to remember those you miss
  • Choose to move on from everything that makes you miserable
  • Choose to go out there and achieve your desires
  • Choose to defy the odds
  • Choose to do the right thing
  • Choose to make a difference

Do you have any positive choices to add to the list?



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