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Everything happens for a reason, be optimistic when things go wrong.


Those are the days where “EVERYTHING” everything goes wrong. You can’t obviously have everything goes right in your life forever or for at least a long time. Life is hard and of course life is not going to leave you out of this. This is going to happen to you too my friend. SO create an optimistic twist on things and try to control the little things in your life while you pause and try to find ways to fix/control/change the bigger problems that bother you.

I try to tell myself that everything happens for a reason and you know what? that’s not rubbish at all. I actually when I move on and then take a look to the past, that seems true. Time does heal, because things change in time. Oh, AND when i use the word “change” i don’t usually mean change for the sake of changing…

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  1. you’re so right!

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