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God is Our Refuge and Strength

If you are currently in a storm, God is saying, “Rise above it.  Quit fighting.  Quit trying to change things that only I can change.  Trust in Me.”  Joel Osteen

One of my favorite quotes from Joel Osteen.  God does not look at difficulties as we do. Where we see difficulties he sees opportunities. Where we see a challenge, He sees growth. God’s purpose in times of crisis and trouble is to teach us His precious lessons. He wants to use our tribulations for good, to build us up, to make us better and stronger for our personal growth and in turn for us to be able to help others in their lives.  We need to see the joy and opportunities through challenging times. Because we will learn that there is a sweet and wonderful happiness we can have here too.  We can learn to make our life joyful by seizing the challenge and growing from it.

So when God tests you, or bad things happens, see it as a time for you to learn, grow and to trust Him while putting His promises in your heart and soul.  And when the storm is over we can look back and see that our trials have been necessary; we have changed for the better.

Psalms 46:1


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