It’s Quotabulous!

I Choose to Change My Challenges to Opportunities

Looking at your challenges as opportunities helps you look at your problems in a positive way and gives you a push to work towards the solution and your success. Advertisements

Don’t Quit

Don’t allow yourself to see any event as a defeat.  Don’t give up or complain about what has happened or give in to the ridiculous notion that you are a failure.  Instead, throw aside all the negative beliefs and begin to explore the possibilities ahead. Author Unknown

I Persevere with Optimism and Enthusiasm

Any action will lead to success when you persevere with optimism and enthusiasm.

I Am Powerfully Positive in Everything I Think,Do and Say

Being positive in your thoughts, actions and words is the way to success. This attitude of positivity helps you improve your self-esteem and self-worth.

I Encourage Myself with Positive Words

Words have a magic in them.  They can give you confidence when they are positive or make you feel little when they are negative.  Always use positive words to encourage yourself to improve your self-worth.

I Focus on What I can do Right Now

Now is the most important moment that influences how your future will be.  Seize the moment with joy and make it a moment that will take you to the next level in life.

I Enjoy My Work

I enjoy my work. I am grateful for the work I do and for the satisfaction, joy, fulfillment and life-style it brings me. I am competent and do my job in a professional and courteous manner. I am respected in my field and rewarded for my ability. I set a good example for my co-workers. I […]