The Positive You

Positive Conditioning Leads to Success

  You must condition yourself to be positive. Being positive is an attitude that you can develop. Your attitude and your mood will always be under your control. Learn to block out any negativity that surrounds you. Negative people will drain your spirit and your desire to be successful. Surround yourself with positive people and […]

Are You Making Positive Choices?

There was a time when I felt trapped in a difficult situation.  It seemed like I didn’t have a lot of choices, and no matter how hard I tried to stay positive, the negative thoughts kept weighing me down. During that time, I learned a few things that helped me through it and I would […]

Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You

There comes a time when you must stand alone. You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams. You must be willing to make sacrifices. You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved. Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged. There […]

A Positive Idea

Go out and change the world. The more you study, the more you should have… A GOAL you should be pursuing; A DREAM your should be launching; A PLAN you should be executing; A PROJECT you should be starting; A POSSIBILITY you should be exploring; An OPPORTUNITY you should be grabbing; An IDEA you should […]

Simplify Your Life

Where peace and simplicity are embraced, there is neither anxiety nor complication. Simplify! What a beautiful word and powerful process. To simplify is so freeing and feels so good. What can we do to simplify our lives? Life can be incredibly stressful, but only if we let it. I suggest we simplify life and in […]

The Power of Choice

We all make choices every day. Some choices we make with purpose, and some we make by not taking action – simply by choosing to go with the status quo. One of the most difficult – and the most critical – choices we all make during our careers is moving to a new job or […]

Nourish Your Soul, Julie Wininger

We all live our lives at a rapid pace, however we don’t’ take the time to find ways to nurture our souls. I found Julie Wininger’s samples of things you can do to find a little more inner peace very simple and enjoyable. Please read and choose what seems right for you. Create quiet time […]