Useful Tips and Tidbits

Master Your Fears

Perhaps the greatest challenge you will ever face in life is the conquest of fear and the development of courage. Fear is, and always has been, the greatest enemy of mankind. When Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he was saying that the emotion of fear, rather […]

Positive Thinking Tips for a Positive Attitude

You know that it is not always easy to maintain a positive attitude.  The good news is that there are some things we can do to help us transition from the land of negativity to a much more positive and peaceful place. Here are a few positive thinking tips for a positive attitude. 1) Focus on […]

Respect Self To Gain Self Respect as a Positive Energy!

Self-esteem and self-respect are closely connected. One is an integral part of the other. One is not possible without the other. In relationships, when other people are throwing all their negative energy at us, if we can maintain our own self-respect we will be able to remain stable, positive and unaffected. In fact, if our […]

Do You Have A Positive Attitude?

Here are a few helpful tips to develop a more positive attitude and better manage the stressors in your life: Listen to internal dialogue. Divide one or more sheets of paper into two columns and, for a few days, jot down in the left column all the negative thoughts that come into your head. Rewrite […]

5 Daily Steps of Gratitude

1. Thank God every morning for the blessings I am receiving. 2. Look for opportunities that are presenting themselves daily. 3. Take time in my busy day to STOP and appreciate what is happening around me. 4. Connect with family and friends on a daily basis. 5. Thank God every evening for the day. “Enjoy […]