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Cast Your Cares

Worry is the Devil’s trick. It can make your body sick. If you let it have its way, It will steal your joy away. Worry fills your mind with doubt, and tells you things will not work out. A doubting heart cannot believe. A worried mind can not receive.   Feed your faith. Take time to […]

The Flood Waters

Are you working on gaining the awareness to consciously “see” the hidden opportunities that are in your life at this very moment? Or are you ‘playing it “safe” and doing the same things you have always done in life and getting the same results you’ve always gotten? Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the man caught in […]

The Decision I Made That Changed My Life

Two years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career and faced with the dilemma of what to do with my life after my mother had a stroke. I was faced with the choice of continuing to work in the corporate world or to pursue working independently from home and take care of my […]

Understand The Awesome Power of Prayer

Each of us has a passion and purpose in our lives and each of us face adversity. It is how we react to adversity will dictate our success or failure. Through these difficult times, prayer can strengthen us to persevere and hang on while the storm blows through. To walk with God, we must learn […]